Since 2002, “Arhing”. is leading company for antistatic floor (raised floor). With a wide working team specialized in this field only, “Arhing” has done antistatic floor in many objects, some of which are: Post and Telecom of Kosovo (PTK), Energetic Corporation of Kosovo, the new Airport “Adem Jashari”., Kosovo’s Convent and many more.

Why is the need for antistatic floor?

As the human itself has electricity which is created during free movements, the walk or during the everyday work, the one should be careful from static electricity discharge, because during the touch with components there can be fatal consequences. For instant, if while working we touch computer’s ram memory which has the less voltage than 12V whereas the man contains higher voltage, it comes to ram memory, processor or other parts damage. Therefore we have to take care to discharge static electricity through earthling.

What is the static electricity?

Electricity in general is matter property which comes from outstand of positive or negative loading. If we rub the glass stick with silk and then we get it close to pieces of paper it will draw them but when it touches the pieces of paper they get away. Affects in the quantity of accumulated static electricity are: the object capacity, electric potential, contacted surface, relative humidity etc.

The man is a being with neutral electricity and at him the static electricity may often come from the clothes he wears (polyester, nylon, acrylic etc.).  Static electricity gets easily formed during clothes rubbing to the body. In the following table are given accumulated electrical potential values.



What should you know?

Knowing about static electricity is a matter of interest for computer’s users as its presence is in their surroundings while working. Static electricity gets generated during the electricity transfer through cables. Which during the tension it discharges can have consequences (falling from chair etc.). For this reason, the protection from static electricity is preferred. All this goal is achieved by antistatic floor (raised floor).

Static electricity and health Static electricity developed while monitor view or by television as well. It affects man’s health and as a consequence we have headaches, redness of the eyes, sneezing and allergy irritation as well. Especially this is noticed to the ones which used computer or television for a long time.