Arhing Company offers comprehensive design services for various physical environments, including architecture, structures, hydro, electrical, mechanical engineering, fire protection, geodetics, geology, and interior design. Our highly skilled and experienced team is committed to collaborating closely with clients to identify their specific needs and objectives. We prioritize communication and teamwork, utilizing the latest technology and software tools to provide exceptional, personalized service. We are committed to delivering exceptional design services that prioritize quality, innovation, collaboration, and exceeding our client’s expectations.

Analysis and concept

Analyzing the site is the first step in designing a project in architecture. It involves researching the physical and cultural characteristics of the site to inform the project’s design and ensure it responds appropriately to its surroundings.

The next step in designing a project in architecture is to conceptualize the design. This involves creating a vision that considers the project’s goals, requirements, and constraints. A design concept is then developed, which may include visual representations that illustrate the project’s overall look, feel, and functionality.

Design of all phases

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Structural Design

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Electrical Design

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Mechanical Design

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Water/Sewage Design

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Landscape Design

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Fire Protection Elaborate Design

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Geotechnical Elaborate

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Geodetic Elaborate

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Alarm, protection and communications

Premeasure and precalculation

Premeasure and precalculation are integral parts of the project design process that ensure accurate and efficient planning of architectural projects. Proper premeasure and precalculation ensure that the design meets the project goals, stays within budget and time constraints, and achieves the desired level of safety, sustainability, and functionality.

Return of investment

We conduct a thorough analysis of construction project investments to accurately determine their potential return. Our assessment considers various factors, including investment costs, revenue streams, project timelines, and the overall economic environment. Our data-driven approach to analysis enables us to provide clients with informed investment advice, allowing them to make sound investment decisions and maximize their returns. By ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of all project aspects, we strive to minimize risks and maximize returns for our clients.